What’s the Most Important Feature to Look for when Buying a Hair Dryer?

Don't settle for the cheapest version. We tell you what should you look for when buying a hair dryer and suggest you the best option available to buy in India online.

Think about it yourself. It’s Monday morning, you step out from the shower. You need to get ready, complete breakfast, manage 200 other things including explaining the Uber driver how to reach your pickup point. 

That’s why you need a hair dryer that takes the least amount of time to dry your hair. 

“A hair dryer that takes 5 minutes is 500 times better than the one that takes 10 minutes. “

– Someone who missed punching attendance by just ‘5 minutes’

What determines the quickness is its Watts a.k.a. how powerful the motor is. When comparing two similar hair dryer options, choose the one that has higher Watts. 

Apart from Watts, these two features are also the make or break factor

Weight: You are drying your hair not exercising your arms. Lifting a heavy hair dryer above your head level for like 10 minutes is a very very literal pain in the arms.

Diffuser Attachment: It is the brush like attachment that comes with the hair dryers. The diffuser spreads out the air in a way that adds bounce and volume to you hair. It is a must have attachment for people with wavy and curly hair types.

Cold Air: It’s no secret that blowing hot hair on your hair has some side effects. So, towards the end of the drying session, when all you need is high pressure air to nail the hair-style, you better do it with normal temperature air. That’s the cold-shot, or simply blow air without heating feature.

Based on the above, here is the

Best Hair Dryer Available Online in India.

Philips Hair Dryer Bhc017/00 Thermoprotect 1200W

Not just pretty, but pretty powerful as well. This 1200 W Phillips hair dryer is the best hair dryer for both straight and curly hair types.

What makes it the best?

✓ The 1200 Watts powered motor is sufficiently powerful enough for quick and effective drying.

✓ It’s the only hair dryer that comes with additional diffuser attachment at this price segment from a branded company.

✓ It has a special setting for colder hair. Best used when using the dryer just for styling.

✓ It is light weight. It also has a foldable handle for easier storage.

✓ Phillips is generally the most trusted brand for electrical appliances. To top that, it also comes with 2 years warranty. Phillips also has the widest available service centre network in India.

✓ Its cute looks and powerful functionality makes it a really good gift for women of all ages.

Any cons about it?

Well, there are a few, such as

✖ The flowery pink colour is definitely not for the boys.

✖ At almost ₹1250, it might not seem like the most cost effective option.

However, without a doubt, this hair dryer would serve you long and serve you very well. Go for it .

We have two other recommendations. While the Phillips Bhc017/00 Thermoprotect 1200W is the best overall package, these two have their own advantages. We will tell you in which case should you choose these over the Phillips.

First Runner Up: Havells HD3201 

This would cost slightly less than the recommended Phillips option. It’s also much more powerful with a 1500 Watts motor. It has all the required necessary features like – cold air, light weight and foldable and 2 years warranty. What it doesn’t have is a diffuser attachment. So, if you need to add bounce or volume to your hair, or if you have a curly hair, let this one slide and stick to the Phillips.

The following two sets of users should go for it over the Phillips

✓ Those with completely straight hair

✓ Boys, who don’t want a flowery pink hair dryer.

What’s ionic care in Hair Dryers?

Some hair dryers, including the above, boasts a feature called ionic care. What this means is that the air is charged with negative ions. Ions, to put it simply are molecules containing a charge, like the poles of a magnet. Water molecules, tends to stick to negatively charged ions. So, ionic hair dryers, in theory have slightly faster drying compared to normal hair dryers. Frankly speaking, its a good-to-have feature but not really something that demands a higher price tag.

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