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Magical Moisturising Bio-Molecule called Hyaluronic Acid.

Best Hyaluronic acid product in India for your skincare needs.

First, let’s get it right, it’s pronounced as 

Hi – ya – lu – ronic acid. 

Pronouncing it in itself is a good facial exercise.

To find the best hyaluronic acid (HA) product for you, it’s important to understand what is it and how does it works? 

Here are 3 juicy science trivia about this magical molecule

  1. Your body naturally produces this molecule. You had lots of it when you were a baby. As you grow older, this keeps disappearing and fine lines start appearing. 
  2. It can hold a lot of water, as much as 1000 times its weight.
  3. Though it is called acid, it’s not at all corrosive in nature. It’s an organic molecule, more like a sugar molecule.

Hyaluronic Acid acts as a powerful moisturiser by retaining a lot of water under the skin where it is applied. 

Since it’s naturally present, it’s suitable for all skin types, from the perpetually dry ones to the acne prone oily skin. In fact, hyaluronic acid also aids in repairing wounds and micro skin ruptures. 

Using hyaluronic acid regularly 

increases the moisture retention of your skin,

 which, in result 

makes skin softer

reduces fine lines and wrinkles

improves skin glow

As of writing this article in January 2021, there are 87 products with hyaluronic acid available online on Amazon India. We analysed them based on their ingredients, brand’s background and most importantly, actual consumers’ feedback.

Here are the two best products on Amazon India that can get you going on the benefits of Hyaluronic Acid. 

Best Hyaluronic Acid products available in India

Minimalist’s Hyarulonic Acid 2% 

This brand is inspired (read copied)  from US’s famous Ordinary Skin Care brand. But the inspiration seems bang on in terms of value addition. All ingredients are transparently mentioned along with their sources. It is a recently launched product, but has really good reviews. 

This is 2% Hyaluronic acid infused in a solution of Aloe Vera gel. This combination might wholly replace your face skin moisturiser as well.  

The product has 4.5 star ratings. At almost ₹600 for 30ml, this might not look cheap. But, it’s still cost effective. That is our primary reason for choosing this over the more reviewed Dot & Key’s. Also, Dot & Key’s are not as transparent about their ingredients as Minimalist’s.


This is an OTC product which delivers Hyarulonic acid in the form of gel. Unlike Minimalist’s, this can not replace your normal moisturiser. In fact, you will have to coat your skin with an additional moisturiser after using it.

With 726 reviewes giving it a 4 star rating, this is the most trusted Hyaluronic acid product on Amazon. At ₹246 for 30gms, it’s also the most cost effective amongst the lot. 

One caution before you yourself read its reviews. This product requires you to apply additional moisturizer. If you don’t, it might make you feel even drier. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Hyaluronic Acid and its usage 

Can I replace my face moisturiser with Hyaluronic Acid?

In general, no. A moisturiser provides immediate relief and is usually a combination of different types of moisturising agents (humectants, emollients and occlusives). Basically, providing both additional moisture and sealing moisture within the skin. 

Hyaluronic acid is one particular agent that overtime will increase moisture retention. 

In fact, you should use an occulant moisturiser (like Vaseline, Shea butter etc) after applying hyaluronic acid. 

How frequently should I use Hyaluronic acid?

There’s no medically prescribed answer for this. Start using it once a day. See if you need to up or down the dosage. Either morning or nightly routines are fine. 

Can I use Hyaluronic Acid on an acne prone skin?

Yes, you may. And if you are using acne treatment ointments, then indeed you must. 

Most acne treatment products are drying agents. Replenishing skins hyaluronic acid is a good idea. It will also reduce the instances of scaling and roughness in skin which comes as a side effect of using anti acne products. 

Can teenagers use it? 

Yes, anyone, teenagers, people in 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond can use it. Males, females and genders across the spectrum can use it. However, pregnant women must consult their doctors before using it.

How soon can I see the results? 

Patience. You won’t see any results overnight. Sorry to break the bubble. Again, like any cosmeceutical, results will vary based on your age, gender, skin type, outdoor activity etc etc. But, in general, by the 6th week, there should be visible improvements. 

Using other actives with Hyaluronic acid? 

In general, you can use most of the other widely used actives like Vitamin C, Alpha Butaride, Retinol along with Hyarulonic acid. In fact, you must combine Hyarulonic acid if you are using retinol. However, it’s always best to research particular active combinations before using it together.

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