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How Can a Laptop Bed Table Improve Your Productivity?

We have picked three laptop bed tables to suit every budget.

A humble laptop bed table can do wonders for your career. It improves your performance and prevents your laptop from slowing down.

This is how

Firstly, it reduces fatigue by keeping your posture straight

Bending over is bad. Especially when you do it in front of your laptop, that too for long hours. It causes fatigue in the short term and chronic back pain in the long run. That’s why you feel so drowsy.

 A good laptop bed table provides proper elevation by bringing your laptop screen closer to your eye level. This provides a comfortable and a straight posture – meaning less drowsiness and higher productivity.

Secondly, it improves the performance of your laptop by keeping it cool

 Laptops get slower and starts hanging as they heat up. And laptop gets heated twice as fast when kept on a soft surface like bed.

Your mattress blocks the air vents in your laptop. This causes the laptop to heat up and the performance to drop down.

So, if you are working from bed, then do your back and your laptop a great favour. Invest in a good laptop bed table immediately. It will yield both short and long run benefits. And like any other investment, the sooner you do, the higher the returns. 

Here are our top laptop table recommendations starting at just ₹349.

Too Budget Friendly Option: DECORVAIZ Multipurpose Laptop Table

You can get this for as low as ₹349. It is rated a decent 3.5 stars from over 900 ratings. Comes with a standard design with a cup holder and a slit for iPads.

Cheapest Lapttop Bed Table on Amazon India

When you buy this table, you get what you pay for. It’s functional and solves the problems. The quality is average. There are complaints about receiving a faulty product, but no worries. It comes with a 10 days return policy.

If you can spend more, like around ₹899, then go with this option. It looks exactly like the one above, but has a much better quality. It also has a cute but very useful side drawer.

Better Quality Laptop Bed Table With a Side Drawer

It is also rated 4 stars from over 2800 users.

Most Functionally Designed Laptop Table

Smartly Designed Laptop Bed Table

The Callas Adjustable Laptop table has one of the smartest design. Customers who love quality and usability would absolutely love this one because it is:

heigh adjustable

inclination adjustable

has stoppers which can be adjusted for both left and right handed people

can be folded neatly for easy storage

The Most Adjustable Laptop Bed Table

The quality of hinges and stoppers are exceptional, as per the 4star ratings from over 2000 reviewers. At almost ₹1649, this is not cheap, but it’s super useful and is built to last.

Brown Laptop Table With Drawer

Style is important. And if you like your furniture in classy wooden style, then here you go

It is solid, looks classy and is designed to take care of all your needs. The table top can be slanted to provide the right elevation. And the side drawer, which may look small, is pretty handy for keeping smaller, always-gets-lost items like the USB connector of wireless mouse and keyboard, earphones, pens, clips and what nots.

It is usually on sale for ₹1200. 

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