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150 Years Old Vaseline vs the Expensive Lip Balms

Which is the best lip balm in India?

Most likely, you would have used Vaseline for your dry  and chapped lips. 

Most likely, the results were satisfactory. 

And you are not alone. Your parents, their parents and if you are from America or Europe, even your great grand parents dating upto 1870s would have used it. 

Yes, it’s that old. 

But, even today, Vaseline is not designed for taking special care of lips. 

So what are the special lips requirements and how much of it is taken care off by Vaseline? 

Also, why does your lips becomes so dry & painful during winters? 

2 reasons 

  1. Outer skin of the lips is at least 10 times thinner than normal skin anywhere else on the body. 
  2. It also has no oil producing glands. Skin anywhere else has oil secreting glands that keeps the moisture supply. The lips doesn’t have that. 

So it’s already an uphill battle for lips to retain moisture, but come the dry season of winters and all hell breaks loose. This is an established medical condition called Cheilitis. 

Now, let’s understand how Vaseline works? 

It’s pretty simple. Vaseline actually acts like a seal, or a laminate. It creates an airtight film over the skin where it is applied. This prevents moisture from evaporating and keeps the skin hydrated. 

Hence, Vaseline can be used on any part of the skin where you need to lock moisture. Including minor cuts and burns. 

But note, that Vaseline does not provides any moisture. It looks oily, but that’s petroleum oil. And no, that does not gets absorbed into your skin to moisturise it. 

And that’s where the dedicated, new age and slightly expensive lip balms comes in. 

Here is the most important rule to selecting the right lip balm. 

Do you like a particular flavour, say strawberry or chocolate? Then eat it, but don’t put it in your lip balm. As a rule, choose a lip balm that has no flavour or fragrance additives. 

Mass produced flavours and fragrances are never good. Specially when you are applying it so frequently and so close to your mouth where it can be so easily ingested.  

Which type of lip balm should you use – Chapstick or gels in jars and tubes? 

For those who don’t know, and the men, Chapstick is the lipstick like container. You roll it from the bottom and it comes out from top. 

Now chapsticks are good for carrying around. They also ward of people who are like


But the only problem with chapsticks is that to fit the form factor, most manufactures have to harden it. Sometimes, depending upon the outside temperature, it gets so hard that it becomes too difficult to apply. You need to keep rubbing it 3-4 times just to get anything out of it. (Does that remind you of someone?? 😜😜). 

Also, chapsticks are only hygienic if you always apply on cleaned lips. 

Otherwise, choosing between a jar, tube or Chapstick is more of a personal choice. 

So here are the top 3 lip balms, based on our research and genuine Amazon reviews.

Boutique Lip Balm

What makes the Biotique lip balm better? 

Remember the biggest drawback of Vaseline, that it does not provide the much needed extra moisture. Well, this biotique lip balm does that. It contains a host of natural oils, that could potentially be absorbed in your lips and provide it extra moisture. 

That extra moisture, coming from the added natural oils, provides the softness and makes the lips look plump and full. 

Notice that the bulk of it is made of beeswax. Beeswax is the natural alternative to petroleum jelly of Vaseline. 

This way, the beeswax prevents moisture from evaporating and the oils provides an extra dose of much required moisture. 

Nivea Lip Balm

If chapsticks are a deal breaker, then go for this one. With 1800+ reviewers giving it a 4+ ratings, this one surely has a lot of backers. 

Seba Med Lip Balm 

For those of you out there, who are not on a budget, go with this one. 

The high cost is because it’s made in Germany. Meaning it follows stringent European standards. The overall quality is reflected in the sturdy packaging, that closes with a nice click. 

It also comes with SPF 30, which is really helpful if you are out in the sun. 

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Now, before you go, here are some important FAQs regarding lip care and lip balms. 

What’s with licking lips to keep it moisturised?

Never ever lick your lips. It’s really impulsive, we know. But it does more harm than good. The saliva actually speeds up the drying process. Also, the acids in our saliva, which is used for digesting food, is quite harmful for the lips.

Are there different lips for men and women? What’s the difference between the two? 

It’s mostly a marketing gimmick. What makes the two lip balms different is the additives. Lip balm for women tends to be glossier and has added colour, which is very bad. They also contain typical flavours and fragrances considered girly like vanilla or strawberry. 

Men’s lip balms, might actually be better that ways, they usually avoid artificial glossiness or colouring. But there’s absolutely no point in paying a premium. 

Can lip balms help in lightening dark lips? 

As if the skin fairness madness wasn’t enough. It’s pretty much the same thing. Darkening of lips is caused by excessive melamine production which largely  happens because: 

  • genetic makeup 
  • exposure to sun 
  • smoking

Now, using a SPF lip balm, like the seba med above can help. Apart from that, it’s largely a miss. Proper care and regular moisturising  will definitely improve the looks of the lips. But most claims of skin lightening largely falls in the ‘Fair & Lovely’ kind of claims category. 

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