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Mosquito Nets for a Peaceful Sleep

High quality, long lasting & beautiful looking mosquito net recommendations for all types of users that provide good value for money.

There’s nothing better in life than a good night’s sleep.

There is nothing worse in life than that sleep getting disturbed by mosquitoes.

Best Mosquito Nets for Different types of Users

Foldable, Easy to Carry with a base for a Single Person

AmazingHind Mosquito Net for ₹900 or you could consider Al Sunnah Mosquito Net for about ₹1300. Both look exactly the same, but the higher cost option has the reputation for a superior quality, specially when it comes to their chains/ zips.

Foldable, Easy to Carry Without a base

The sellers, Classic Mosquito Nets are the highest rated sellers on Amazon in the category. The single person option costs about ₹1000. Surprisingly, the king size option also costs the same.

Prettiest Looking Mosquito Net that is fit for a Fairy Tale

We will let the image do the talking here

This one again comes from the Classic Mosquito Nets guys and costs about ₹900.

Old School Hanging Mosquito Net

Feeling nostalgic about sneaking under the mosquito net as a kid? The Pixum Traditional Poly Cotton mosquito net might take you back in time. This can be bought for about ₹500.

What is the Biggest problem you face while buying a mosquito net online in India?

Similar looking products at different price points. Mosquito net designs are not patented. Also, making them isn’t actually a rocket science. So, you will find a lot of sellers for similar looking products.

Aren’t they all the same? Should I simply buy the one with the lowest price tag?

Well, NO!

The product differentiation comes from the quality of materials used. For instance, the zip quality of Al Sunnah Mosquito Net is incomparable to any other product in the market. While the ₹400 cheaper AmazingHind Mosquito Net has a good quality too, you will find similar looking options for a lot less. Look at the reviews and you will know that they wouldn’t last long, sometimes, not even a few weeks.

Another differentiation of quality comes from the type of stitching. You must have seen the nets coming out from its edges. All our recommendations comes with multiple stitching at the base (Classic Mosquito Nets use upto 5 thread stitchings!).

Cheaper mosquito nets also cuts cost on the most important thing on a mosquito net, the net itself. Customer review section is filled with images of holes even in freshly delivered products.

Base or No Base?

Single mosquito nets do come in both options – with a cloth base and without one. Here is what you should keep in mind:

✓ If you have invested in a good mattress, specially one with a memory foam, go with the option without a base

✓ Having a base provides serious protection if you think your bed has bed bugs / mites.

✓ If you plan on sleeping on places other than your bed, like on the floor or roof top, choose the one with the base.

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