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Buying the Right Aloe Vera Gel for your specific needs

Market is filled with Aloe Vera Gels. Each one claims to be 100% organic and full of miracles. We tell you which one is right for you? Aloe Vera Gels for every budget and customer type.

Here’s a little secret. Making Aloe Vera gel is no rocket science. If you have the time, patience and a window with enough sunlight, you can make your own. 

For everyone else, there is Amazon. Most personal care brands, and there are so many of them these days, offer Aloe Vera gel in one form or the other. 

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Here are some of the important points to see while purchasing one. 

It should be colourless. Avoid buying green coloured gels. That’s purely added colour. Not good.

Avoid gels containing fragrance. 

Preservatives are important. Yes, you read it right. There is no such thing as 100% pure, preservative free Aloe Vera gel. Kept to itself, the gel will go bad in a few days. Preservative free aloe Vera gel will cause more harm than good. 

Based on the above, here are our pick for the

Best Aloe Vera Gel available online

Most reviewed: WoW Aloe Vera Gel. 

With 4+ ratings from 11,225 users not just from India but abroad too, this is the most trusted Aloe Vera gel available to buy online.

Cheapest Options: Patanjali and Boro Plus

If you want to start with a single pack, Patanjali offers their Aloe Vera Gel for ₹52 / 100 ml. Patanjali Aloe Vera gel is the highest selling product in general stores. 

Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel is amongst the cheapest option available

If you want to further reduce the prices, you can buy the pack of three combo by Boro Plus Aloe Vera Gel which effectively comes down to almost ₹44/ 100 ml. In terms of per unit prices, this is the cheapest option available.

Pack of 3 Boro Plus Aloe Vera gel provides the most value for money

Aloe Vera Gel that can replace your Moisturizer: Mamaearth Aloe Vera Gel

Most Aloe Vera gel’s are not sufficient in itself to act as a complete moisturiser. It is because pure Aloe Vera gel is 99% water. Mamaearth’s Aloe Vera gel is fortified with glycerine. This additional glycerine acts as a humectant and thus can act as a standalone moisturiser, especially for dry skin types.

Mamaearh’s Aloe Vera gel can act as a standalone moisturiser

Premium Option with the best packaging and least preservatives: Bare Anatomy 99% pure Aloe Vera Gel

This one’s for you if you are not on a budget. At ₹270/100 gms, this is the costliest option. But two reasons why the price is justified: 

  • they use the least amount of preservative.
  • very pleasing packaging. You would like to keep the bottle on the front row of your personal care products 

Bare Anatomy Aloe Vera gel comes in the most premium packaging

Cheaper alternative for lesser Preservatives: Greenworth Pure Aloe Vera Gel. 

They still have more preservatives than Bare Anatomy’s but that’s still lower than most others. Also, it costs half as much. 

Contains very few additives and offers value for money.

Best Branded: Lakme 9to5 Aloe Aqua Gel

We understand, with personal care products applied directly on face, you want it to come from a reputed brand. Most products mentioned on the list come from newbie startups. Well, just for you, Lakme also offers an excellent option. 

Lakme is the probably the biggest brand on this list

Best Perfumed Aloe Vera Gel: Bio Organic

We asked you not to choose fragrant gels. But, to some people, fragrance is important. It does provide a soothing experience. If you are one of those, choose the Bio Organic Aloe Vera gel. 

If you want a scented aloe vera gel


Real Aloe Vera Leaves

Yes, you read it right. You can actually order real Aloe Vera leaves online. They sell for abut 100 / kg making it the cheapest option on the list. Though, ordering them is like buying spinach leaves from Amazon. Not all would be good. But as per the reviews, most customers seems to be finding it decently useful.

You can buy real Aloe Vera leaves from Amazon


Aloe Vera Plant

For the over-enthusiastic souls out there. You can get a live Aloe Vera plant online as well. Now, the seller would send about 5 baby plants. If you are able to soil them properly, 2-3 would survive. Give it a couple of months and you can have your own forever supply of all natural Aloe Vera gel.

Baby Aloe Vera plant can be purchased online

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