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Do you Mix Different Products in your Hands?

Learn the correct way of applying skin care products. Don't forget to check out the bonus pro tip at the end.

It’s no secret that proper skin care requires using multiple creams and serums. Most actives require pairing it with some type of moisturiser. Every product needs to be layered with a sunscreen. 

So, should you just take them all in your hand, rub it with both palms and apply all over the face? 


Why? Because most products don’t mix well. Try mixing aloe Vera gel with any oil. Not possible. 

What’s the problem with uneven mixing? 

Patches will form with uneven distribution. For instance, if you are mixing sunscreens with moisturisers, which don’t mix well. You will have certain regions with no or inadequate layers of sunscreen. Needless to say, this could cause sunburn patches – not good, not good at all. 

The correct way, 

Is to apply one product and then move on to the next. First apply the moisturiser – fully and evenly and then comes the sunscreen. Same way, for any number of products. 

Pro Tip

Always apply products in dots all over the face. This way, you ensure that no part is missed. 

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