How to Not Just Wake Up but Conquer the World?

The widely known secret behind getting up in the morning and slay the day.

You want to, but you don’t really wake up like this

You either fight the snooze button

Or, keep fighting to fall asleep, till you find that it’s already morning

Or, by the time you rise, it’s way past the shine

Well, it’s no secret, to rise & shine, you need to have a good sleep. And here are three scientifically backed ways to help you sleep better.

1. Disassociate: This is the biggest factor affecting your sleep quality. Disassociating means giving your mind a break, stop thinking, both negative or positive thoughts – just stop.

And it’s the most difficult thing to do. It takes practise to do this. Your best bet – meditation. You might want to use an app like Calm. 

Results vary. Based on App store reviews, few people have found it really helpful, while for others not so. Give it a try. Click this link to start your 30 days trial. See if this works for you or not. 

2. The Cold Approach: Lower (colder) temperatures assist you in falling asleep. Use this with moderation, it’s not like switching on your AC during winters will make you sleep like this cute kitty.

But yes, maybe turning up the ceiling fan on lower speed during winters would help. Here is the full Web MD article on the research.

3. Get a nice mattress. We are not saying that with a good mattress, you will easily fall in sleep. But it helps. A lot. This is probably the biggest factor you can easily control.

Buying a mattress is not just about falling asleep. Look at it this way, sleep or no sleep, you are going to spend the entire night on your bed, right! Do it as comfortably as possible.

According to a study in Oklahoma State University, a change of mattress helped improve sleep for 55% respondents. You can find the full study here.

Over the years, mattresses have improved a lot, both in terms of the product itself and how you can get one. An orthopaedic memory foam mattress adjusts to your body shape and sleeping position to ensure that your backbone remains in a straight line. 

Here are the top 3 mattresses on the market based on Amazon reviews. All of them will deliver it right at your doorstep. Most of these brands are so confident about their product that they offer warranties and replacement guarantees more than any other product category. 


As per Amazon, this is the #1 mattress. It is rated 4.6/5 from over 13,000 ratings from customers world wide. The review section specially commends their unparalleled customer service and immediate replacements should the customer face even the slightest of problem. 


The offering is almost the same as Wakefit. They have 4.5 ratings from about 4K ratings. 


This is the brand we are all aware of. Most likely you are using one now too. This also happens to be the cheapest amongst the three. However, comes with no bells and whistles like the others. The warranty is limited to 1 year and there is not much in the free trial department. As per the comments, this is good for people who prefer a harder surface. 

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