Homemade Recipe for Rosier Lips

Secret to softer lips is this homemade DIY exfoliant.

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My dadi is a treasure trove of secrets for a healthier skin. She has tried, tested and improved these skin care recipes over the decades. 

My Dadi

Here’s a sweet recipe from her book for getting soft and rosier lips. 

To get those soft pillowy lips, most of us would slather our lips with tubs of lip balms. Which is good, but only half good. 

Lips, like rest of the skin needs exfoliation too. Also, because of lip balms tends to make things sticky, it becomes even more difficult for dead skin to be shed out. Dead skin debris along with residual lip balm could be standing between you and soft, rosy lips. 

Hence, exfoliate. 

This extremely easy, DIY lip exfoliatant is a gentle and effective formula me & my dadi swear by for softer lips.

All you need are:

✓ 10 Soaked and skin peeled Almonds 

✓ 1 Desi Gulaab (pink rose) 

✓ 1 tablespoon Honey 

Ingredients for DIY Lips Exfoliant

Blend the ingredients using a hand crusher or a blender, and you are ready to go. 

How to use? 

Apply on your lips and rub it circularly for a minute. 

Use it twice a week. 

It can be easily stored in a glass bottle in a refrigerator for upto 3 days. 

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