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How to get the maximum out of Vitamin C?

All you need to know about using Vitamin C correctly.

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Vitamin C adds shine to your skin. It reduces pigmentation. It is highly effective in reversing the harmful effects of sun damage.


Vitamin C’s effectiveness depends upon how are you using it. Apply squeezed lemon juice all over your face and you might end up with sun burns and uneven bleaching. Buy a super expensive vitamin c serum and use it along with glycolic acid and your money goes down the drain. 

Need not worry. Here’s how to use vitamin C for extracting max benefit.

What is the best age to start using Vitamin C?

Before 25 years of age. Vitamin C is skin care. It’s not anti-ageing or even specific condition treatment. Just like your body, your skin needs Vitamin C. So do it as early as possible. If you are 18 and reading this, start it now rather than later.

When should you use Vitamin C?

Morning, always.

Who are Vitamin C’s friends and enemies?

If you are using Vitamin C, good chances you are already, or considering getting into other actives. That’s a very good decision, but only if you pair things the right way. Here are Vitamin C’s friends that goes very well together

✓ Vit C + Hyaluronic Acid

✓ Vit C + Vit E + Ferulic Acid

✓ Vit C + Alpha Arbutin

✓ Vit C + SPF

Vitamin C’s enemies. You should never force Vitamin C to hang out with them.

✖ Vit C + Retinol

✖ Vit C + AHA

✖ Vit C + BHA

✖ Vit C + Benzoyl Peroxide

The enemy actives should be used at different times, or at best, on different days. Alternate between Vitamin C’s friends and enemies.

What concentration of Vitamin C should you use?

Depends upon your skin dryness and sensitivity. Vitamin C is acidic in nature. Hence people with dry and sensitive skin should go with less than 10% concentration. Those with really oily skin will benefit from a higher concentration.

If you are starting, go with a small concentration. Gradually, try experimenting with higher concentrations. Also, factor in the season. If your skin becomes dry during winters, reduce the concentration.

The colour test to assess Vitamin C quality.

A good Vitamin C should be colourless. At max, it could have a light strawy colour.

Vitamin C is not a very stable compound. It gets oxidised readily. And oxidised Vitamin C is no good. At best, it’s useless, worse case, it could cause discolouration in your skin in a very unwanted way.

So always keep the lid closed tightly and monitor the colour. It may happen that over time, remaining bottle of Vitamin C serum might get coloured. Well, you best throw it out then. I know, its expensive, but a coloured Vitamin C is at best is an expensive shit.

Here are my top Vitamin C Recommendations.

Minimalist 10% Vitamin C

For dry and sensitive skin.

Urban Botanics 20% Vitamin C

For oily skin.

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