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How to Reduce Body Odour?

The science behind why some people smell really bad and how can it be prevented.

Smelly arms, smelly arms,

What are they using on you?!! 

Well, body odour is a fine way of ensuring people keep social-distancing from you. However, if you are not a big fan of this method of mainting the 6 feets, here’s everything you need to know about body odours. Then, I will tell you about the scientific and most importantly, personally tested ways to not being the smelly cat. 

What causes body odour and why do some people have it more than the others? 

Our armpits have sweat glands like the rest of the body. Unfortunately, the armpits are very poorly ventilated, compared to the rest of the skin, which enjoys nice airy open environment. At the arm pits, the mush mush environment along with high density of hair creates for a heaven like environment for certain types of bacteria. These bacteria feed on our sweat, digest it and release gases. These are your body odour. 

So technically, the smell is not coming out from your body. Your body odour is essentially bacterial fart. 

Everyone sweats differently, has different hair density and lives under different surroundings. Hence, some people have more farting bacteria than others. 

So, the secret key to fighting body odour is to keep these bacteria at bay. Here’s how you can achieve it. 

Using Antiperspirants

Which are different from deodorants. Antiperspirants are chemicals that blocks sweat glands and prevent then from creating sweat. Aluminium salts are clinically tested antiperspirants that work well. If you use it properly. 

How to use antiperspirants? 

Not before going out. No, you apply them at night before going to sleep and wash them off in the morning. Do not apply antiperspirants during the day. 

Here is my favourite antiperspirant 

Sweatnil Anti Perspirant Gel with Roll On

What else can you do to combat body odour?

Keep it acidic. 

Reducing the pH, or, increasing the acidity of the environment around your armpits can prevent the growth of these farting bacteria. 

You can try the following exfoliating acids for the purpose. But do note that exfoliating acids could be harsh on your skin, so patch test them first and slowly introduce them in to your regular routine. 

Here are your best bets when it comes to exfoliating acids. As an added advantage, exfoliating acids can also help with in-grown hairs and arm out pigmentation. 

A note on deodorants 

Most deodorants are nothing but diluted perfumes. They don’t do anything to prevent the bacteria. They can only add fragrance to mask the odour. Very few brands do claim to contain perspirant. But even those don’t mention the amounts. For people with milder odour, does could be alright. 

Natural Deos

Again the same thing. Nothing to prevent the bacteria or reduce sweat. Only additional fragrances. 

Other good practices to prevent body odour

Take shower, twice a day if necessary and use soap to thoroughly clean your armpits. 

Also, if you can, avoid eating food rich in garlic, fish etc. 

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