How to Stop Pimples Before they Become Troublesome?

Taking care of pimples with this K-beauty secret from COSRX.

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Everyone one has bad days. You can do all the good in the world and still have a bad day. Same is the case with pimples too. You use the right products, cleanse religiously , eat the right food and everything, yet on your bad day, you will see a tiny small white eruption that is sure to ruin your mood. Pimples are part of nature and come at anytime, though they choose to come only on the most important days. 

Well, here’s a quick fix solution from K-beauty brand COSRX that works for most of the time if used properly. We are talking about the COSRX Acne + Pimple Master Patch. 

COSRX Acne _+ Pimple Master Patch

These are small patches that you have to apply over an emerging pimple. 

 Note that I am talking about emerging pimples which are small and white in colour pimples / acne only. 

Apply the tiny patches on the spot and leave them for 6-8 hours. And 

How I describe the effects of COSRX Acne+Pimple Master Patch

Magic! Is the only word I can use. 

Yes, the pimple is gone, the trouble is taken care off before it becomes a mess. 

Do remember to cleanse your face thoroughly before using it.

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