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Figuring out the right way of using Aloe Vera gel for your skin type

Simple 3 step process to find the right way of using Aloe Vera gel for your face.

There’s a reason why ancient Egyptians called Aloe Vera ‘the plant of immortality’. Both Cleopatra and Nefertiti were big fans of this wonder-plant. 

Even Cleopatra was a fan of Aloe Vera gel

Why is Aloe Vera gel so good?

Aloe Vera gel essentially promotes collagen production where it’s topically applied which in result

✓ provides firmness to ageing skin  

✓ evens skin texture and colour 

✓ reduces dark spots and blemishes

✓ works wonder in reducing under eye darkness 

✓ treats acne damage 

Not just personal experience, we are saying this based on scientific publications which you can see for yourself here

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However, using Aloe Vera gel might not be very straightforward, for most of us.

Here is how you can find the right way to use Aloe Vera Gel on your face. 

Step 1:

Set up a baseline. This is us trying to evaluate what is missing and how to rectify it. 

Use a pea sized amount of gel and apply it evenly on your face. Continue it for a couple of days. Use it once or twice. Not a problem. 

Now, observe the overall moisturization. Does your skin feel soft, supple and properly moisturised? If yes, good, stick to this only. 

However, most people, with dry to normal skin would feel that after an hour or or so, the skin actually becomes dry. 

Well, that’s nothing to worry about. It happens because Aloe Vera gel in itself is not a wholesome moisturiser. It lacks both humectant and occlusive properties. Meaning, left to itself, it can not protect itself from drying out. This happens because chemically, the Aloe Vera gel is 99% water. 

This brings us to 

Step 2: 

This is about ensuring that the Aloe Vera gel stays on your skin. 

This can be achieved by adding either one of the following: 

either, Glycerin

or, Vaseline. 

We suggest starting with glycerine. Start with mixing a pinch of it to the pea sized aloe Vera gel. Keep increasing the amount of the gel or glycerine till you feel that the best combo has been achieved. 

For most people, this should suffice. 

However, if you still find yourself left hanging out to dry. It is time to bring in the petroleum jelly aka Vaseline. 

First, Apply the Aloe Vera gel thoroughly. Then, use a tiny bit of Vaseline to coat in on your face. 


What’s the logic behind glycerine and Vaseline?

As we already mentioned, Aloe Vera gel lacks both humectant and occlusive properties. Well, glycerine is a humectant and Vaseline is occlusive. 

Humectants absorb a lot of water on the surface it’s applied. It’s retention is so good that it even prevents water from drying out. 

Occlusive creates a barrier over the skin. This seal prevents water underneath from escaping.

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