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Make Your Child Want to Brush Their Teeth Every Morning

We don't say you hate your kids, but every morning, getting them to brush their teeth is as big as achieving world peace itself.

You are not buying just an electric toothbrush, you are investing in a

Peace Offering 🕊️

To every morning surgical strikes when you try to make your kid brush.

It’s a win-toy situation. You win and they get a toy. The best part is even after several months of usage, this toy will still keep them engaged. So they continue brushing their teeth, every morning, on their own.

But there’s more to an electric toothbrush than just being a fun toy.

According to this research, electric toothbrushes are 12% more effective in removing plaque. Also, electric toothbrushes with timers and programmable modes ensures correct brushing.

Which electric toothbrush should you buy for your child?

Not a lot of options here 😕

Don’t go for Colgate electric toothbrushes. Amazon is filled with customer complaints. Most brushes stop working within few weeks. Also, they are battery operated. Meaning cost of 2 additional AAA batteries every month. You can check out the customer reviews here.

The two most preferred options are

Agaro Sonic REX

Agaro REX Electric Toothbrush for kids.


Oral B For Kids

Here we compare the two.


Agaro electric toothbrush comes at around ₹950 while the Oral B would cost around ₹1199. However, Agaro comes with one extra replacement head, meaning it will last twice as long.

The Agaro REX replacement heads comes at just ₹100 vs ₹275 for Oral B replacement heads. The replacement heads for both the brands are always available on Amazon.


Both brushes use two completely different technologies.

Agaro REX uses sonic technology, meaning the brush heads vibrates sideways, sort of like how you would use a manual toothbrush.

Agaro REX uses vibrating sonic technology

Oral B is based on rotatory design.

Oral B uses rotating technology

Both are similar when it comes to cleaning capabilities. Though no scientific evidence exists, but Sonic, due to their sideways vibrations might be more effective at cleaning the gums. Though, the downside is that it can cause slight tinglish feeling during first few times.


Design is usually important. But when it comes to kids toothbrushe, they are the most important factor to consider. The Agaro REX comes in one standard yellow colour with no known characters. Oral-B offers known characters from


Oral B electric toothbrush with Frozen characters

And the other from StarWars

Oral B electric toothbrush with Star Wars theme

Replacement heads are available for both the character themes on Amazon.


Both the brushes comes with the very important 2 minutes timer. It tells the kids how much to brush and when it’s done.

Dentists recommend dividing the mouth into 4 parts, top left and right and bottom left and right. Give 30s to each part. The Agaro electric toothbrush comes with a 30s alert telling when to move on to the next part. That’s really helpful.

30s alert

The Oral-B also comes with a 2-min timer. They also have an app that rewards kids with a virtual sticker every time they complete the required 2 min brushing time.

Battery & Charging

Both the toothbrushes are rechargeable. You don’t need to buy external batteries. Agaro claims a 4 hr charge lasts about 21 days of brushing. Oral B claims one full charge lasts 8 days. Though, you need worry much. Keep them plugged in for a few hours every week and the batteries shall never run out.

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