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No, Castor Oil Won’t Help With Hair Fall or Hair Growth

But it’s still one of the best products for hair care, if you know how to use it and why to use it.

The world of beauty (products) is filled with lies and false promises. Often, these lies are used to sell stupid products, like instant fairness creams, or, look 10 years younger serums, or hair re-growth solutions and the list goes on.

However, once in a while, even a really good product, like castor oil, gets caught in this trap. By devious marketers trying to fool customers into buying more. 

That’s the reason you will find Internet blogs, YouTube videos and scores of ‘influencers’ claiming castor oil as a godsend magical oil for growing longer hair and getting back lost hair. 

Well, none of it is scientifically proven, what exists is only he-says-she-says

That does not mean that Castor oil is in fact not a magical godsend oil for hair. It very much is, when you use it as a moisturiser.

Using Castor Oil as a Moisturiser for Hair

Cold pressed Castor oil can do wonders for dry hair. Especially curly dry hairs.

Castor oil contains a heavy fat compound called ricinoleic acid. This ricinoleic acid has a lot of good and a few bad effects on the human body.

In the world of secret killers & deadly spies, this ricinoleic acid is used to derive a lethal poison called Ricin. Apart from being lethally fatal, it causes symptoms like heart attack and is completely untraceable in post mortem. Hence, the favourite weapon of the Russian KGB.

But don’t worry, natural castor oil available in the market has none of it. Neither you can make any of it from the bottled castor oil, for those on your hit list.

Coming back from secret murders to hair problems. The ricinoleic acid in Castor oil has the tendency to hold a lot of moisture under the surface its applied on. Though, it does not provides any moisture of its own.

That’s the logic behind the secret, it’s moisture holding capacity. It can prevent moisture from evaporating out. Most of us have dry hair not because we don’t moisturise it often enough. It is because the moisture tends to evaporate much easily in some people giving them rough and dry hair. Hence, locking in moisture is as important, or even more important than moisturising it. Use Castor oil as a leave-in conditioner. Apply it immediately after shower, preferably on wet hair. The castor oil then seals the moisture for long. This improved moisture then,

✓ would prevent frizz

✓ provide more volume

✓ un-tagnle hair locks

It’s that simple.

How to use Castor Oil in Hair?

There are two ways of using Castor oil.

Easy Method of Using Castor Oil for Hair

While taking shower, mix some Castor oil with your conditioner. Apply it all over, like you apply your conditioner generally and leave it for some time (10-15 minutes). Rinse it off. If you have some extra time, use a comb, after applying the Castor oil + Conditioner to spread it out evenly.

Longer method of using Castor oil for Hair

The best way to use Castor oil is overnight application. Here, you first mix it with Coconut oil and apply it all over your hair. Keep it overnight and rinse it off during your morning shower.

Best Castor Oil Available Online in India for Hair

Rey Naturals Premium Cold Pressed 100% Organic Castor Oil

Purchasing oil is simple, go with the simplest option. By simple, we mean, no additives – like fragrances, vitamins or chemicals like Redensyl. Chose an oil that contains only one type of oil. For instance, most almond oil available in the market has more additives than the oil itself.

Rey’s Castor oil perfectly fits the bill. It’s a no-nonsense, pure cold pressed, 100% organic Castor oil 4.5 ratings from 7000 users. It is decently priced at ₹300 for 200ml but usually sells for about ₹220. In summary, Rey’s organic cold pressed Castor oil is the most cost effective and proven Castor oil available online in India. You can not go wrong with it.

Using Castor oil regularly and correctly will give your hair volume and bounce. This is not magical but the direct result of higher moisture retention due to Castor oil.

Frequently Asked Questions About Castor Oil Usage

How does Castor oil moisturises the hair?

Castor oil falls under the class of moisturisers called humectants. These moisturisers don’t provide any moisture to the skin themselves, but create a thick barrier which prevents moisture from escaping out.

Why do we need to mix Castor oil with Coconut oil?

First of all, in most of the cases, Castor oil can not be used on its own. Because it is very thick. So you need to mix a lighter, thinner oil, also known as carrier oil. Or you can mix it with your conditioner. Now, coconut oil forms a really good combination with Castor oil. This is because Coconut oil is light and it is also an emollient moisturiser. This means that coconut oil actually gets absorbed in your hair. The Castor oil, mixed with coconut oil improves its retention and thus the overall hair moisture.

Can I use Castor oil for preventing hair fall in men?

No. It absolutely can not. There is zero scientific evidence. Go, see a dermatologist. If you start using castor oil, your hair will become shinier, on account of being better moisturised. But those hair won’t last long and if you keep depending upon Castor oil, there won’t be much hair left to apply oil upon.

Can Castor Oil help with dandruff?

Again, no scientific studies exists to prove that. Though, ricinoleic acid does have proven anti-microbial properties. This can help with dandruff. But if you have a severe dandruff problem, there are other options available in the market.

How does Castor oil smells?

It doesn’t really. It has a mild earthy smell, nothing fascinating. But in general, you or those around you won’t ever get its smell, like mustard oil.

Can Castor oil be used for cooking food?

No. Don’t even try it. Castor oil should not be ingested. In small amounts, it can cause rapid bowel movements (loose motion). In high amounts, it could cause a lot of trouble.

How frequently should I use Castor oil on my hair?

This is something you will have to try out yourself. You can see the effect of Castor oil right after first use. See how long the impact remains, and then use it when you feel like you need it back. Ideally, 2-3 times a week should be fine. Again, it depends largely on your hair type and season of the year.

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