On Spending Extra for Sulphate Free Shampoos

Only a few hair types actually requires a sulphate free shampoo.

This is how a typical online shampoo ad reads like: 

If you really care about your hair, then use our sulphate free shampoo. Because sulphate are very very bad for your hair. And they might cause cancer too. 

Typical Online Shampoo Ad

Let’s make it very clear, 

It’s not TRUE! 

Sulphate are not bad.

Sulphates can not cause cancer. 

Most of the bad reputation around sulphates is the result of opportunistic marketing since sulphate free shampoos have higher margins than normal ones.  Proper lab tests have absolutely ruled out sulphates as carcinogens a.k.a cancer causing substances, like cigarettes.

So, sulphate good, marketing bad? Right? 

Well, it’s not so black and white. 

People with dry and frizzy hair should ideally avoid sulphate containing shampoos. They should go with the sulphate-free option. 

Dry & Frizzy hair types should avoid sulphate containing shampoos

But, those with oily hair, especially people who have a lot of dirt and grime sticking to their hair should actually prefer shampoos with sulphates. 

Here’s why? 

Sulphates are strong cleansing agents. By cleansing, we refer to dirt that is not soluble in water, like oil. So, sulphates will clean your hair and scalp of any oil and related dirt (including dandruff). 

But if your hair is naturally very dry, using sulphate containing shampoo can devoid them off the rare oil causing dryness, frizz and dull looking hair. 

However, if you have an oily scalp, or your hair has become really dirty, because of pollution or excessive use of hair oils, serums and creams, then a sulphate-containing shampoo might be your best friend. 

Bottom Line

You need to find the right shampoo for your needs. The right shampoo can very well be a sulphate containing lesser expensive shampoo. 

Don’t go with the ads, choose the shampoo that makes you feel better. 

Go with what works for you

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