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Peptides for Anti-Ageing

Peptides have the backing of science to prove its effectiveness for anti-ageing. Here we explain how it works.

Peptides can help with a lot of ageing issues like wrinkles, sagginess and crows-feet 

And here’s the science behind it. 

Peptides are molecules that are available naturally in our skin. In fact, peptides are the building blocks of proteins. 

And certain special peptides can help build collagen. Lack of collagen is the reason for all anti-ageing issues. Think of it like this, if a protein is house, then peptides are the bricks. 

Peptides builds collagen and collagen provides structure to the skin

  When talking about anti-ageing, collagen is the most important protein to consider. Collagen provides structural support to our skin. It is very commonly found in our bodies. However, as we age, their production starts slowing down, hence our skin starts losing some of its structural strength. And so, skins start ‘loosening’ leading to wrinkles and sagginess. 

Now, quite a few scientific tests have established that topical application of peptides can actually boost production of collagens. 

It’s really interesting to understand how this actually works. When collagen breaks down, it is synthesized into peptides. These peptides then signal our body to create more collagens, using these peptides. So, it’s like a cycle. Collagen breaks into peptides. Peptide formation signals the body to create more collagen. 

As we grow older, this synthesis of peptides from broken down collagen slows down. Which means lesser signal to the body for collagen formation.

Loosing collagen as we grow older causes wrinkles

This is where topical application of peptides based serums / creams / moisturisers comes in. 

Peptides are a boon for people who can not use retinols / retinoids. Like pregnant or lactating women and obviously those who are sensitive to retinoids. 

And here comes the most important point. 

Retinoids vs Peptides for anti ageing. 

Based on my analysis of the science out there, retinoids are the winner here. There’s more scientific backing to show retinoids effectiveness in delaying ageing. Also, peptides should only be considered on the onset of ageing. They generally have no preventive aspect. 

So, who should go for retinoids? 

If you have started seeing visible ageing patterns on your face, you should start using peptides in your regime. For many people, it could show reversal of skin ageing. For most, it would definitely decelerate the unwanted ageing process. 

Which serums should I buy? 

BeMinimalist Peptide Serum

Minimalis Multi-Peptide Serum

This is an affordable and cost effective option available easily on Amazon. The hero ingredients are the Matrixyl 3000 (7%) and Bio Placenta (3%). There are clinical results proving Matrixyl 3000s effectiveness in reducing wrinkles and improving skin elasticity. Bio Placenta is derived from bacterias but functions similar to human placenta and limited proof exists in its effectiveness for anti ageing. 

You should apply it once a day. The bottle lasts for about 2 months

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