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Stop Wasting Money on Deo Sprays.

Here's a scientifically proven product to absolutely get rid of body odour as well as sweat marks.

You know this to be true:

Deo sprays does nothing to prevent body odour. They only try to mask the body odour with their perfumes. That too only for a couple of hours. And if you apply too much of it, people start complaining of the suffocating smell.  Spraying deo for body odour is throwing away money into water.

Here is what you should do instead – use an Anti-Perspirant. And yes, anti-perspirants are very much different from deodorant sprays

Anti-Perspirants are scientifically proven to reduce body odour and sweat marks too, if you use it correctly.

How to Correctly use Anti-Perspirants?

You are not supposed to use Anti-Perspirants in the morning. Or, even before going out of home.

Rather, you should apply it before going to sleep at night. 

Before going to sleep, take a shower and clean your underarms. After wiping it dry, apply the anti-perspirant in your underarms and leave it overnight. Take shower but do not re-apply it again in the morning

You should start observing reduction in body odour from the very next day. In 2-3 days, it should literally be gone.

So why are anti-perspirants so effective? (And deodorant sprays aren’t).

Think of it like this. Your are in a smelly room.

You could either:

1. Spray room freshener to mask the smell.


2. Remove the object(s) that are causing the bad smell.

Anti-perspirants removes the source of the bad smell. And that source is your sweat. Anti-perspirants blocks the sweat glands in your underarms. So, no sweat no smell. And don’t worry, blocking underarm sweat glands is fine. The rest of the skin surface will make up for it.

Here are the Top Anti-Perspirants Available Online in India.

Salve SweatGo

It is the most cost effective option that really works. It has 750+ ratings on Amazon and costs half as much as other imported brands. It’s much cheaper than perfumed deodorant sprays and infinitely better at controlling both body odour and sweat marks. Priced at just 159 for 60ml.

Salve SweatGo 60ml Antiperspirant Roll On

Remember, this product is not perfumed. You won’t smell of roses or musks on using this product. SweatGo does offers perfumed options in musk and lavender fragrances, if you prefer that.

Dove Invisible Dry

Expensive but gentle. Leaves no marks. Antiperspirants biggest trouble is the white mark they leave on clothes. The Dove Invisible Dry has been vigorously tested to not leave any stains. Also, it is much more gentle, hence more appropriate for people with sensitive skin. Being an imported product, this might seem expensive at almost 500 for 40ml. However, with over 2000+ users rating it 4.5+, you can not go wrong with it.

Dove Invisible Dry Anti-Perspirant

Being the smelly cat sucks. Big time. And, showering yourself into perfumes daily sucks as well. There’s nothing fancy in smelling like millions of others using the same brand. Use anti-perspirants the right way. It will help a lot with body odour and also your self-confidence. Check out all the options here.

FAQs & Important Points to Consider While Buying Anti-Perspirants Online

Are all roll-ons anti-perspirants?

No. In fact, most roll ons in the market are perfumed deodorants. Always look for Aluminium Chlorohydrate in the ingredient list. This is the most important compound that brings in the effectiveness in an anti-perspirant.

How does anti-perspirants work?

Anti-perspirants works by blocking sweat glands. Aluminium salts are scientifically proven to block sweat glands from producing sweat.

You might be surprised to know this, but our body odour is actually not coming from us. It is coming from the bacterias in our underarms. Our underarms do not enjoy open surfaces like most other skin parts. Coupled with high hair density, this forms the perfect environment for certain types of bacterias to thrive. These bacteria feeds on your sweat and farts out gases which are termed as your body odour.

But blocking sweat glands from producing sweat using chemicals sounds very dangerous?

Rest assured, it is not.

Blocking sweat glands of a particular area does not interferes with our over sweat production. All of that sweat shall be evaporated from other parts of the skin. Also, Aluminium salts are perfectly safe to be used on body. This has been tested and verified in several scientific studies and by US-FDA as well.

Any cautions while using anti-perspirants?

A couple of points:

  1. Do not apply anti-perspirants on cuts
  2. Do not apply anti-perspirants for a few days if you have waxed your underarms
  3. Always do a small patch test before using it fully

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