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The Correct Way of Ice Dunking and its Many Benefits

This no-cost at-home and 100% DIY method has a long list of benefits.

This is perhaps the simplest and definitely the cheapest way to work on your facial skin. All it needs is ice, water and some mental strength (only at the beginning though!). Even Katrina Kaif seems to swear by this method.

How to do Ice Dunking?

It’s actually very straight forward. Take a bowl large enough to fit your face. Add water and then a few cubes of ice.

Now, when doing it for the first time, gather some strength, and dip your face into the bowl.

Only for 15 seconds. Take your face out. Wait for 5 seconds and dunk your face again. Do it 3 times.

What are the benefits of ice dunking?

Spoiler alert, there are many.

✓ Reduces redness

✓ Repairs damages due to sun burn.

✓ Tightens skin and closes pores giving your face a smoother appearance.

✓ Burns facial fat. Yes, it does. Cold water signals your body to start metabolising fats, probably to combat temperature.

✓ Reduces wrinkles and fine lines by tightening the skin.

✓ Reduces puffiness especially around eyes.

✓ Reduces excess oil and thus helps with acne as well.

✓ Reduces inflammation, rashes, swelling and skin blemishes, including those caused by insect bites.

✓ Improves skin glow

BONUS TIP: Do it before applying make up. It would improve the weird undertone of the skin and the foundation would appear better.

But before you turn to your freezer, here are a few things you should be careful about

✖ Never apply ice directly to your face

✖ Do not leave your face in ice water for too long

✖ Do not do in case of blisters and burns

✖ Do not do this if you are suffering from any vascular disease or diabetes.

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