Who Should Not Buy the Apple AirPods Pro?

There are three categories of users who should not buy the Apple AirPods Pro.

If you have that kind of money (we are talking about ₹20-30k for headphones), then you should not buy the Apple AirPods Pro if:

You just want to enjoy rich audio quality 

Don’t get us wrong, the AirPods Pro have an amazing sound quality. However, if you are buying it to sort of sit and enjoy music, or, to primarily use it for watching movies or playing games, there are better alternatives. The best option then would be to go for the SONY XM3 (the next gen XM4 can be given a miss when comparing the sound quality and the price difference). 

As an in ear, really portable headphones, AirPods Pros have a really phenomenal sound quality , but cannot beat those of a covered over the ear high quality headphones, coming in at the same price bracket. 

You want to completely mute the outside world and have a good office call without any disturbance 

Again, the AirPods Pros have a really good noise cancelling performance – for their size. They will cancel decent ambient noise and will greatly improve the quality of your calls, when compared to a normal earphone. Those at the other end would also be listening to a lot of what you speak with much less of a background noise. But then, if all you want is only noise cancelling and call quality, go for the Bose NC 700 or the Bose QC 35. Sony XM3s are good at noise cancelling, but their call quality, especially over Zoom is not anyway near the Bose.

If this is going to be your first Apple Product 

AirPods Pro works with Androids and Windows, but they definitely are not worth the premium. Go with the Jabra Elites or the in-ear Sony XM3s. Pricier than even the AirPods Pro, Sennheiser momentum delivers the best sound quality in the in ear portable headphone category. 

So, why are the AirPods Pro the highest selling, best reviewed in ear headphones in the world? 

Because they are made for a very specific set of customers, and for them, there is no other alternative that comes even closer.

Who are these people? Am I one of them? 

Apple AirPods Pro are designed for people already in the Apple ecosystem. People who are looking for a versatile headphone, that literally goes with them everywhere and under every scenario. 

Buy an AirPods Pro if you already own an iPhone and work on a Mac. In addition, if you have the iPad and the iWatch as well, then the AirPods Pro would take the Apple ecosystem seamlessness to a whole new level. 

Don’t think of Apple AirPods Pro as headphones

They are, but they are actually not. Think of AirPods Pro as a wearable device, like an iWatch. And that really the beauty of it. They are small, fit so comfortably that you don’t even realise they are there. But, actively keeps adding to the quality of your life. 

For the right users, they are so good, that starting your work day would involve plugging in your AirPods Pro into your ears. From there onwards, you wouldn’t really differentiate between taking calls from your computer or the phone. 

All this while giving a nice background music to your entire work day. 

Features that makes the AirPods Pro so good

Really good sound quality accompanied with truly useful noise cancellation. The sound quality never disappoints. The noise cancellation actually improves the overall quality of your calls and music.

Seamless connectivity with all Apple devices. You are listening to music while working from a mac, a call comes up on your phone, you pick it up and speak seamlessly from via the AirPods, already in your ears. With any other headphone, first, you will have to go to the Bluetooth section on your laptop, disconnect it from there, then go to the bluetooth section of your phone, connect your earphones and only then pick up the call, pheww.

Very relevant transparency mode that allows you to use it outside. Imagine out on the road, with your headphones on, that too noise cancelling headphones. Someone can come and hit you and you might not really realise it in time to avoid the accident. There comes the transparency mode. It enhances outside ambient sound while still playing your music at high quality. This way, you not miss any warning sounds, even as low as a cycle bell ringing at distance.

Auto pause when you take them off. Take even one of the AirPod off from your ears and the music will pause. Put them back in, the music will auto-restart. Extremely helpful when you want to talk to someone briefly.

Can be used for 2 – 3 working days with a single charge. A fully charged case can keep the AirPods going for upto 24 hours. The AirPods needs to be placed in the case after using for 3-4 hours for about 10 minutes.

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