Will your Resume Get Shortlisted?

Here's how you can make your resume stand out in the increased competition.

Jobs are raining!

Or atleast, they are coming back. According to a survey conducted by human resource firm ManPower Group, the job market would improve by 12% in April-May-June’21 quarter compared to the previous quarter. 

However, the competition out there is tougher than anytime before in recent memory. Due to lack of good appraisals, even those with active jobs are fighting tooth and nail to make a switch. This is on top of the unlucky folks who were let go because of the pandemic. 

It has become a common sight on LinkedIn to see over 200 applicants in jobs posted a few hours ago. 

To succeed, you need to work smart. Here are 3 important mistakes that your competition is doing, which you should not, in order to stand out and get shortlisted. 

Mistake #1: One resume fits all

You worked hard on creating a resume. With that done, you go on applying on every possible job opening with the same document.

 Every company is different. Selling is selling but selling real estate is different from selling cars. UX design for fin-tech requires a different approach compared to e-commerce. While you can not change your industry or work experience, you can alter the words that show that you are sufficiently skilled, even in a different company in a different industry. 


Closed property sales worth INR 15Cr within a month at an average sales price of INR 3Cr

To (if applying for a car salesmanship)

Experienced in selling to people with high net worth. Closed 5 transactions valuing more than INR 3Cr each. 

Don’t sweat. Here’s an easy way of doing it. Go to Hiration.com. Upload your resume. They have a feature to automatically suggest the required changes for every job description. 


You simply need to copy paste the JD. Their AI then analyses both the JD and your resume and starts providing suggestions of how you can re-write important lines to match with the tonality of the job description. 

Why is it so important to  match your resume’s content with the job description? 

Here’s a secret. HR’s, who do the job of resume shortlisting don’t read the resume. Most HRs would not understand the finer technical requirements of the job. So, imagine being an HR. You have to judge a piece of document wherein you don’t understand more than half of what’s written on it. 

So what do you do? 

You start scanning for keywords. If the job is about digital marketing, the HR would simply look for a set of keywords like ‘Facebook’, ‘Google’, Google Analytics’, ‘Conversion Rates’ , ‘Traffic’ and so on. And they spend all of 7seconds to go through your resume. Yes, 6 seconds is all that your resume has to get shortlisted or to be tossed into the bin. 

Good news is, most people are not making the effort. With intelligent tools like hiration, a little effort will go a long way in significantly increasing your chances of getting shortlisted. 

Mistake #2: Sending Resumes Created in MS-Word 

These days, it’s so easy to create a visually appealing resume online that sending out MS-Word resumes simply implies that you are not serious enough. 

Also, its irritatingly difficult to adjust the tables in MS-Word. One small change and the entire document formatting is spoilt. The worst part, you work hard in ensuring that the resume is one-pager. But with one small change, you find the last line moving into the second page. 

On Hiration, simply choose the template you like and start filling out the info. It will take care of fonts, line spacing, bullet styles etc. 

Already created a resume? No need to go through the grind again. Simply upload your older resume on hiration, choose the template and your new professional and visually appealing resume is ready. 

Mistake#3: Grammar mistakes.

All your life’s experience is wasted if your resume has even a single grammatical error. No matter how senior you are, or, how rare your skill sets are. No HR would ever shortlist a resume that has a grammatical error on it. 

Truth About Life

Like it or not, a single sheet of paper can change your life. A good resume can open several doors. All you need is to put in the required effort, smartly.

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