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How to get promoted at work from the comfort of your bed?

Has your bed become your new office?

It’s not ideal to work from bed, everyday. It creates back problems, sleep disorders and negatively affects a list of other vitals. But a lot of us have no other viable option.

Here are three carefully chosen products that can reduce the negative effects on your body and make you more productive, so that you can mark-as-done all your pending to dos.

First, ensure correct posture.

This is the biggest damage that extended hours on bed does to you. Solution – drive a wedge.

A wedge is a triangular pillow that provides the right back support you need while sitting on a bed.

This will cost anywhere between ₹2500 to ₹4000. But a wedge pillow is more than just for posture correction. It is medically prescribed to people with acid reflux problems and can also help in reducing pain and stress in legs.

Here is a fancier alternative for a wedge pillow with rave customer reviews.

I bought this as a gift for my husband who has been working from home since March. He likes sitting on the bed and working. This serves the purpose and is also cozy. Definitely worth the money. (Reviewing after using for 2 months.)

– Amazon Customer (Original review link)

Next is the most obvious work from bed accessory, you guessed it right – a bed table. This is the table we recommend:


✓ It allows you to elevate your laptop screen and ensures a straight vertebrae.

✓ Also, the walnut finish looks classy.

✓ And the side little drawer is really helpful.

It usually sells for ₹1299 on Amazon.

Size is perfect even if you are 6ft tall, it looks durable, classy and feels amazing when you are working, can be used as a breakfast table, work table or study table. Definitely go for it, value for money. Amazing colour and quality

– Most voted Amazon review (original link)

Now, comes the most important, and probably the most surprising product on the list. If you are working from bed, then you must get this one.

And that is: a fitness band. Any health / fitness band that can track your steps count and has an inactivity monitor. The fitness band alerts you if you have been sitting for far too long.

You might be surprised that most of us don’t even clock a thousand steps throughout the day while working from bed.

The MI band is rated 4.3 / 5 with over 54,000 reviews worldwide.

You can easily find one for around 2K on Amazon.

Now here is a bonus item, to help you keep things organised on the bed.

A Bed Side Caddy

This little caddy will hold your magazines, mobile phones and other knick-knacks. Would have really loved if only it could hold the laptop as well. But this is a big help to keep you bed, sorry, your workspace tidy. Usually sells for ₹400 on Amazon.

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